Portrait of Buddy Johnson taken in the KCSJ TV studio in the late 1950s. The original is in the Beulah Historical Society Museum, Beulah, Colorado, in its wood-burned decorated frame by Adele Russell.

For thousands of children one of their most cherished memories is attending his Adventurer’s Club show. For many dating couples of the period, their memory is of his dances which they first attended together. While others remember seeing Buddy as a fixture, often for decades, at their local rodeo, celebration or fair.

This site and book celebrate the unique entertainer during the 1950s through 80s.


Book cover

The book Buddy Johnson A Colorado Original is finished, 178 pages, 378 images.

pages 70 & 71

This is the biography of Buddy Johnson and his career in music, on television and on the radio through numerous shows like
The Barn Dance and Colorado Hayride from the 1940s to the 1980s. Buddy Johnson A Colorado Original covers Buddy's entire life in the context of his family, history and Colorado, a state that he loved. In addition to extensive information on his professional career, it presents a more complete picture of a man many baby boomers fondly remember from The Buddy Johnson Adventurer's Club show which ran from the early 1950s to the early 1960s. As Buddy had a Western Swing band, The Colorado Rangers, from 1946 until 1986, extensive coverage is given to this important aspect of his life and the many musicians who contributed to it. Also, this was the era of live local TV which included visits by many national celebrities, people such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Ernest Tubb and Hank Williams to mention a few. Included are images and stories of the many Western actors, musicians and TV personalities that he knew, many of whom became his friends. In addition, information on Pueblo, Beulah, Cañon City and his restaurant/dancehall at Gayway Park and its Jamboree are also extensively covered. Written as a celebration of the centennial of Buddy's birth in 1919, the reader will gain an understanding of the very early days of television. A time when networks weren't really all that connected yet and of many of the characters who represented the West in music, on film and on TV were among those that crossed Buddy’s path.

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