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Here is a KCSJ radio show from 1957.  In the studio that night were: Buddy (drums and singing), Del ‘Tex’ Boyles (piano), Clarence  ‘Russ' Hayes (steel guitar); Roy ‘Pinky' Leatherman (guitar), LeRoy Meyers (bass guitar) and Duane ‘Duke' Farrin (violin). Plus a few guests in the studio that night which was not unusual.

Most of the banter is between Buddy and Duke, but I think during the whole show each of the band members chimes in a little and each is a featured player. Western Swing is a form of music which combined the musical feeling of the swing era of the 1940s with Western music as popularized by Bob Wills. Throughout this recording you can hear Dad’s driving beat on the drum, the smooth sounds of Russ’ steel guitar, Duke's spunky violin, Roys lead guitar, the piano stylings of Dels piano, and the supportive licks of LeRoys bass.

Of the over 30 tapes, I have of various dances and shows, this is the only show which was recorded in stereo which was still somewhat rare. I have yet to fully explore or digitize them all. Please forgive the occasional sound drop outs and stretched tape which slightly distorts the sound of this 60+ year old recording.

But you get a real feeling of the music and Buddy and all these young musicians who at the time were in their thirties.

In this photograph, left to right: Russ Hayes (steel guitar), Duke Farrin (fiddle), LeRoy Meyers (drums), Roy Leatherman (lead guitar), Del Boyles (piano) and in front Buddy (bass).

I believe that this is probably the band that you hear on the music tracks below but with one exception on this night. I’m pretty sure that Dad played drums and LeRoy Meyers was on bass guitar, I recognize Dads drumming.

1. Midnight (1:46): Features Russ’ steel guitar, Duke’s violin with Russ and Duke singing together. Buddy commenting at the end.

2. Indian Love Call (4:03): Buddy introduces, then Duke’s violin starts off, followed by Russ’ steel guitar, Del on piano comes in and then returns to Duke’s violin, with comments by Buddy at the end.

3. Someday (4:54): Conversation with Buddy, Duke and Ken? (probably one of the visitors that night). Duke starts off with violin leading to Buddy's singing supported by Russ
 steel guitar. Del 'Tex piano, Russ, then back to Dukes fiddle, Dad finishes the song out. 

4. Happy Birthday (:49): Dad and Duke talk and joke about guest Mrs. Doris Smith
s birthday, then all sing Happy Birthday.

5. Roadside Rag (4:27): Dad mentions a number of the guests. Russ 
Leon takes off with his steel guitar, you can really see with this instrumental how tight the band was. Del comes in with some Boggie Woggie' piano. Duke joins in with the fiddle which is replaced with Russ steel full out. Dad comments.

6. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (4:45): Dad advertises Elizabeth dance and upcoming Gunnison dance. They banter about a Gunnison cafe. Del Tex Boyles' piano plays a slow one, then Russ’ steel guitar picks up the tune. The tape was particularly distressed on this one though. Song just trails off to which Buddy jokes.

7. Three Way Boogie (4:03): Buddy jokes with Duke. Dads drum starts it off, to which everybody joins in. First, Duke, then Del, then back to Duke. You can really hear how the swing music of the 1940s influenced this song and band! A good one despite a few song drop outs.

8. Heading down The Wrong Highway (4:02): Dad gives the time and station ID, from "the Steel City of the West, Buddy Johnson talking to you from the big K, KCSJ Radio of the Great Southwest in Pueblo Colorado. The gang all kid bass player LeRoy Meyers about getting married soon. Dukes fiddle start it off, then Russ sings, Del comes in on piano until Dukes fiddle takes over. Russ is shadowed by Dukes fiddle and they finishes it off. They all comment.

9. Take Me Back To Tulsa (2:27): Everyone is joking around, then into the song with Dad singing, a quick one.

10. Coconut Grove (5:08): Talk, then Russ takes off with the steel guitar. Ten years earlier Russ was a Marine serving in the South Pacific and you can really hear the lush Honolulu steel sound here. Then Dels piano takes over, followed by Dukes fiddle. Finally back to the steel guitar. Dad comments.

11. Maybe I’m Right, Maybe I’m Wrong (4:36): Dad talks and jokes with Duke and Russ as he looks through all his lyric cards. Russ starts followed by Buddy 
singing on top of his rock solid drum beat. Duke and Russ take over, then Buddy’s back. Some tape stretching unfortunately.

12. Westphalia Waltz (5:20): Dads intro then everyone in but largely featuring Russ steel guitar. Duke joins in on the fiddle, then together Russ and Duke see it through together in harmony.

13. Marie (4:11): Duke takes over the mike and then starts off Marie a good, memorable song. Dads back now, you can hear it in his drum beat. Dels piano makes a good appearance with some great styling added in for good measure. Then Russ comes in heavy and the band really shines brightly (despite tape stretch). Back to Duke, then they all hit it hard to finish. Duke and Dad in background comment.

14. City Lights (4:08): Dads back at the mike now and starts wrapping it up talking to a member of his listening audience. Duke starts then Dad comes in singing. Del picks it up, followed by Russ on steel guitar, then to Dukes fiddle. Dad comes back in singing. Some tape stretching here unfortunately.

15. San Antonio Rose [KCSJ close] (:28): Dad gives some program information then San Antonio Rose, Dads theme song, finally a quick station ID.

If you’ve listened to all the songs in order, you’ve just listened to a complete 1957 KCSJ radio show which was broadcast 8 to 9 PM on KCSJ radio at 590 on the AM radio dial probably during the summer of 1957.


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Side AA ‘Colorado Hills (are calling me)’ and Side A ‘Can I take My Pony to Heaven’, vocals by Jimmy Cox (The Colorado Troubadour) with Buddy Johnson and the Colorado Rangers. Blue Ribbon Music Co. Staunton, Illinois.

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