Some Of The People Buddy Knew Through Music, Radio and Television

Buddy, with the Colorado Rangers, on radio and TV, at the Gayway Jamboree, at his personal appearances and generally through his travels, met a number of famous personalities. Many were acquaintances and some became good friends.

The era of local stations having regular access to national performers selling their wares is now largely a thing of the past. Here are those individuals who gave him photographs, often signed. But it’s only a fraction of the people he encountered over four decades.

Today, press junkets merely drive around Hollywood or New York for a few days. That's why you tend to see the same person on all the shows, on all the networks, at the same time, pitching their new movie, series or music. The era of major talent traveling from station to station, peddling their wares cross country is pretty much “gone with the wind.”           © John Johnson 2020       All rights reserved.